Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Teachers Lie

You know, it sucks when anyone lies. Plain and simple! It's not a pleasant thing! HOWEVER, its worse, when they have spent 2 years lying to you, dodging you, keeping things from you, pushing your child forward when shes falling further and further behind. It sucks even more because, they were someone you are SUPPOSED to trust your child with! They are your child's teacher!

My piece hasn't always been delayed. In fact, until 20 months, she was so far advanced we were just as lost as we are now! Then overnight, it was ALL gone! We didn't know what to do, say, think. Even when she was SO advanced, I KNEW something was wrong! I knew she was different!

So, my daughter JUST finished Senior Kindergarten last week. Literally 5 days ago. The teacher I knew wasn't being totally honest with me, we had had issues with her all year and she avoided me, lied and deceived! I wasn't blind. How badly though, I wasn't to know, till now!

I work endlessly, day in and day out, with my child, to make her life better, easier, help her cope with her traits, her autism concerns & make her a better person! I do therapy from home, I do extra school work to help her, I work on the areas she really struggles in, I do it ALL!

I knew her reading, writing, math, sight words & all that jazz wasn't up to "par" for a 6 year old ending Senior Kindergarten. But to have it tested and then find out, her level is actually at a 2 year olds level, well THAT just pissed me off! WHERE were the teachers on this one? Why did they constantly ignore me? Okay, I can quickly become a Mama Bear....who can blame me, when my child has been disappointed, physically and mentally hurt at school, forgotten in regards to CRUCIAL health problems, just to name a few!

So, to have my child tested & find out shes at a 2 year old level, well that pissed me off! WHY didn't they work with her at school, why didn't they have concerns? Why didn't they get her HELP? Why did they ignore it? Why did they not test her? Bring in someone to work with her? Why is this so bad after all the hard work I put in?

I don't have all the answers, but I do know this: I refuse to give up on her! Todays one of those days, I admit, Autism is getting the better of me, but I will NEVER give up on her! NEVER!

But this situation just goes to prove to me, that even those who "have my child's best interest at heart" only "have my childs best interest at heart. for their pay cheque"

The people who REALLY care, are the ones, in it for NOTHING but her! The ones, who the money doesn't matter! Who love my daughter, care about her and for her, who help us care for her & don't ask for ANYTHING in turn! Who just want to see her smile, be happy, grow up to be the best person she can be! THOSE are the ONLY people I can trust now! I've learned my lesson! If it involves a pay cheque, chances are, they may not really care about her!

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