Monday, July 8, 2013

Art Therapy

ANYONE who knows my daughter, KNOWS she LOVES art!!! All kinds of art! She will do canvas work, chalk drawings, colouring pictures, drawing, ANYTHING! She loves it all! Today, we did something we haven't done before. I didn't think THAT was possible!

Today, we painted BIRD HOUSES! We did 4 in total. 2 for our house---one for the gardens she planted in memory of her sisters & one for our vegetable garden. One for her grandparents house & one for G-Mags her "autism grandma"!

It was a fun task, that I was surprised didn't get too messy! We choose our colours, 6 in total if I recall correctly. Put them in a painters plate on the table & got to it! She actually sat for about an hour, working HARD on her bird houses! She did 2 herself & designed 2 for ME to paint! After we were done painting them, we added some glitter (it's not complete in her eyes without glitter)!


The two on the left are the ones she designed for me to make & the two on the right are completely done by her! ALL have glitter on them :) 


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