Monday, October 22, 2012

Changing Autism in Our House!

Many autistic parents I know, discourage having pets in their family. I fully ENCOURAGE them. In fact, in my daughters life, we have had cats, fish & hamsters. The first cat was seriously ill and had to be put down when she was 18 months old. She still remembers him to this day! When she was 3 we got another cat as a gift to her, then last year when she was 4, my hubby decided another cat was a must. In December of last year my daughter was given a hamster for a gift....the second cat (hubby's cat, which I can't stand!), killed it. We replaced it......the cat attacked the hamster and it had a heart attack. Third time's a charm right? Nope, the cat ATE that one! We gave up on hamsters. We've had fish off and on for a couple years, never had problems with the cats and the fish. But eventually the chinese fighting fish died. No clue how that happened.

Insert this past week. We took our daughter to the humane society and let her pick out a cat. Our current cats are OUTDOOR cats. They both were before we were given them, so we just kept it that way. It was far more easier, then trying to make outdoor cats indoor.

This newest addition, has deformed pays. In total shes got 14 extra toes and claws! To many its weird and disgusting, to my daughter, she's just extra special. like her :)

Other changes in our lives, that have seemed to better my daughters life? We enrolled her via a scholarship, into a music program. She will learn to read sheet music, play various instruments properly, sing, etc (she plays at home and is very talented but this will be professional training!) She will take part in public events, including tv, radio, newspaper and appearances at places like the mall, etc. And she will take part in concerts!

Soccer! This summer was her first time taking part in Futsal (a type of soccer). She did awesome and loved it! So, when she asked to take part again this fall, we had a family member offer to pay for the registration! She loves it, and best of all, I am there for it ALL because I am her coach! I love it!

Keeping my daughter in some activities but not over loading her schedule is working really well for us this year. She's in SK (senior kindergarten), so she DOES have homework Monday to Thursday. Written, drawing, verbal and reading homework just to name a few!

I don't want Autism to define my child in a bad way. I want her to define Autism in a new and good way! By showing people that just because she's Autistic doesn't mean that she can't do ANYTHING she puts her mind to!

Yes, my daughter has a great deal of struggles, but certain things she excels at and to me, that is the most important things to encourage! It makes her feel good about herself when she exceeds at what she does and feels good!

This summer she earned 2 soccer medals and 2 swim medals, a couple running ribbons & more! To me, for a 5 year old in 2 months, that is AMAZING! Especially an autistic 5 year old!

In our house, we are CHANGING Autism!!! We're defining Autism our way, not letting it define HER!