Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Surviving the first week of school AGAIN!

So, in less then a week the kiddo goes BACK to school! We are all excited, especially her! She misses her friends, she misses her teachers and she just wants things back to normal.

Most parents don't have much adjustments to make for back to school other then sleep schedules. They maybe take a couple days to get their kids back on schedule, if that. For us, the second school lets out the the second it starts whether for Summer vacation, March break or Winter break, or even a long weekend, we are prepping for the return. Adjusting her to any new changes. Reminding her of the rules. Working on the sleep schedule (we always loss with that one, even WITH a weighted blanket, she still doesn't sleep much and shes up for the day any time between 2-5 am.....usually closer to 2am!

Well many kids have been enjoying their winter vacation. Playing outside with friends, playing with all their new toys, etc, my daughter has been preparing for back to school. Trying to adjust to her schedules, trying to remember the school rules, trying to work on sitting still, trying to keep calm.....all the things that most kids don't struggle with. She's been worried about the noises, the amount of people she will be around and all that.

Well most people have enjoyed the time off with their kids, my family has struggled with reassuring our daughter it WILL be fine when she goes back to school....that she's going to be okay....that she can escape to the reading corner or behind the teachers corner if she needs to calm down and relax..........................

Vacations for our autistic daughter, are never fun. They are a constant mental battle for her and for us! That's OUR world with Autism!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday with your kids, please! Some kids mentally can't handle that and do NOT enjoy their holidays. My daughter is one of them!


Each year, for us, is a battle against Autism. It's a battle of time, effort, patience, sanity and pressures!

2013, will be different. 2013 is US against AUTISM!

I am sick of people saying my daughter is fine, saying they can't help her, saying it's a mental health problem that can't be helped, saying she will be fine once she adjusts to the loss of her sisters & the continual BS list of excuses I hear.

This year, I am continuing to be her BIGGEST advocate BUT I am going about it a different way. I am not taking no for an answer. I am working on her problems MYSELF. I am making all the calls, forcing the referrals, demanding the help, demanding the accommodations & more!

For those who personally know me, you know thats nothing different then what I do now. Except, now I have a better understanding of ALL of it, so I can go at with more force and knowledge!

2013 will be a year for me to help my daughter progress PAST the line of being told shes never going to be normal! This year we are taking on Autism and we will win!

I KNOW that you can't HEAL autism, you can't "fix" an autistic child, but what you can do, is make their lives easier by learning to work with them, understand them, communicate their way and make the world work FOR them NOT against them! So, here we go 2013! Autism watch out, I am determined to help my daughter the best I can!

Autism doesn't define her, it doesn't stop her, it doesn't break her, it doesn't change her! It just means she is UNIQUE, SPECIAL, SMART & most importantly MINE :)

Princess I love you and this year we will take on Autism together! No one can stop us!