Monday, July 8, 2013

Chalk drawings!

My daughter LOVES her chalk drawings! LOVES them! Hates getting her hands dirty but loves to draw with chalk. Summer is only on its second week & its only the beginning of that week to boot! I have SERIOUSLY gone through SO many tubs of sidewalk chalk, I swear, I should buy it in bulk, like by the palette! We use FAR too much! Here are just SOME of the drawings we have done this year!
 Her rainbow that's 3D
 My butterfly with her heart around it
 Our 3D hopscotch
 Our Flower. I did the outline, she coloured it in
 We love daddy! 
 Her butterfly
 Our heart, I drew it and coloured 4 sections, she coloured the other 4!
 A message for daddy! 
 Her butterfly
 Her butterfly landed on my flower :)
 Practicing her writing
 Her jelly fish
She copied a picture I had done & did an impressive job in my opinion!

I find chalk is one of the easiest self expressionary art forms for her in summer time! I just wish we had more space to do them all! I have SERIOUSLY been tempted to paint my basement in chalk board paint, not sure my hubby would like that though! But it would be a LOT of fun & would mean even if it rained, we could draw in chalk!

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