Saturday, July 6, 2013

Conquering Sensory Fears

You know those balls you can buy for kids that are squishy & have spikey rubber bits sticking out? You can also get bugs, fat snakes, etc. Well my daughter has had a fear of these forever! She would run screaming & then break down into a fit of insane tears if you even looked at one in her presence. It was that bad of a fear. But it was also a sensory thing. IF you could get her to touch one or you touched her with one, she would FREAK!

Today all that changed. We were in the dollar store and she saw this soccer ball designed ball! It was exactly the type she was scared of. I hoped to rush past that part of the aisle and avoid a meltdown. Instead, she ran for it, picked it up and started playing with it! I was SHOCKED! So, I bought it! Hey, if she was going to overcome a sensory fear, I was going to support that!

Squishing the ball & having fun!!!! A mothers dream moment :)

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