Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meltdown central

It seems that more so lately, EVERY single time I have to get my daughter dressed, she has an EXTREME meltdown over what to wear! Seriously, every SINGLE time!

Monday is a great example:

My daughter was an HOUR late for school, all because of her 3 hour long meltdown over wearing a pair of SHORTS! Really?! Yep, she wanted to wear jeggings but doesn't have any that currently fit, she wanted to wear a dress, but I had no little shorts to go underneath and since she's a little girl that LOVES to climb the monkey bars and such, shorts under the dress are a MUST! They're just fitted shorts, similar to ballet training shorts. Then since she lost those two battles, she tried for leggings.....the ones she WANTED to wear had to be worn under something, but she wouldn't wear them under the dress because they wouldn't match and she wouldn't wear them with the shorts either! So from 7-10am, she screamed, cried, threw things around and overall just melted down, over wearing shorts to school.

I will say, that finally, once she calmed down a bit, we managed to get the shorts on her and get her to school, but she was NOT a happy camper. Thankfully yesterday she was too excited to wear her special t-shirt for "Wear Blue In Support of Autism" Day at her school, to realize she was wearing shorts!

Wish me luck today!