Thursday, June 6, 2013

Waterloo Walk for Autism Speaks Canada

Happy 6th Birthday to my precious little princess!!! Today is her birthday, I am finding it so hard to believe she is ALREADY 6! How did time go so fast?

Sunday, June 2nd, we drove the 45 or so minutes to Waterloo, to take part in the walk. My daughter was so excited to take part in the walk. She was also excited to see her Autism Grandma, G-Mags! We were part of a group sponsored by Pure Source, called Ebony's ABC's.

G-Mag's has been an AMAZING support for our family since I met her at a conference in our city. That was earlier this year. She has helped us through MANY tough times as well. We can't thank her ENOUGH!

Sunday, we went to the walk. My husband and I were both nervous. Our daughter doesn't travel well, doesn't handle crowds well, just to name a FEW things! So, we were on edge. The drive there went well. Surprisingly well. She asked a few times, if we were there yet, but other then that, it went very smoothly. She even had a bit of breakfast on the way and when we first arrived. A HUGE step for her, she tends to AVOID breakfast.

When we got there, it was still early. Things had just been set up, not a lot of people yet. And of course, the FIRST person she saw when she got out of the car just so happened to be G-Mags! That thrilled her to NO end! And she was even more excited (I didn't think at that time, she could have been lol), when G-Mags gave her a birthday present to keep safe in our car!

We all went up to the field, got settled and ready for the walk. Princess A had to instantly hit up the rides. There was a HUGE blow up CARS slide, a blow up basket ball game, a blow up bouncer and a trampoline, as well as a hockey game! She hit up every activity at least once and then went back to all the bouncy activities a second time, before too many more people arrived, then the lines were just TOO hectic!

She played with G-Mags dogs, that her and her husband brought along to the walk. She stayed calm and well behaved the ENTIRE day! The crowds didn't upset her. She thanked the volunteers and representatives from Autism Speaks Canada, for celebrating her birthday with her.

G-Mags, being the wonderful woman she is, had it arranged, to have them wish Princess A a happy birthday, to the whole crowd. They had a super cute Blue elephant hat for her to wear, so everyone would KNOW she was the birthday girl and they gave her a blue Star balloon, to attach to the wagon, so everyone would know it was her birthday walk! This thrilled A to NO end! She thought it was awesome that everyone wished her a happy birthday!

Her and I had even made chocolate vegan, allergen free cupcakes the day before, with puzzle piece tops and blue icing. She lit it up blue for Autism with her birthday cupcakes! I thought it was a sweet idea, she had, to make cupcakes for everyone to share :)

The walk was sadly cut short due to weather. It POURED from the start of the walk, till we got back. Some people left, but many stuck it out! A little rain, never hurt anyone! We were there for a cause! G-Mags was smart enough to buy rain ponchos for everyone to wear. Princess A thought it was fun. Normally rain puts her in a HUGE meltdown mode. But at the walk, she was enjoying it. She was in the wagon we borrowed, so thankfully she didn't have to WALK in the rain. She had a blast, and was so well behaved.

I had strangers come up to me a few times, asking if she was autistic because she was so calm, quiet and well behaved. They were amazed when I told them she was!

By the time we went to leave, she was exhausted from all her fun. The morning had been fun, but VERY tiring for her! She had a ROUGH drive home, felt sick to her stomach the WHOLE way home. Then had an emergency bathroom situation 3 minutes from home, but she made it through!

She had a great day, met amazing people, had tons of fun and enjoyed the walk in support of Autism! I was so proud of how well she did that day!

I would also like to say a BIG thank you to Autism Speaks Canada, Pure Source, Ebony's ABC's & everyone who was there with us that day!!! It was an amazing day, despite the rain and we loved seeing everyone out there!!! Great job on the fundraising!!

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