Monday, February 25, 2013

When speech comes and goes

My daughter, she's considered "non-verbal". Some days, she's got words spilling out of her with no way to stop them! Other days, you can't get a word out of her! It's a much frustrating process, I will admit that, but its a rewarding process. When you hear a full sentence, out of the realize, shes been listening, she IS paying attention, even when she won't make a second of eye contact with you, won't reply, acts like you are NOT there!

As a mother though, the most REWARDING times of them ALL is when she pops out this huge word, that you have no clue how she got it in her vocabulary, let alone knows how to use it correctly. For instance, we had my dad's truck off and on these last couple months. In the back seat is the dogs cage, its easier to just keep it in the truck then move it out every time we need to take the truck, because its all secured in their to keep the doggy safe, when she's riding with them! Anyways, the point is this: My daughter's car seat sits in the middle of the back seat. It's my rule, if she can't be in the middle then shes behind the driver, I never put her behind the passenger seat, its the most dangerous place. Not the point though, I know!

Anyways, so my daughters seats in the middle, the dogs cage is secured in behind the drivers seat. Simply because thats the seat that goes down on its own. The other two seats have to go down together and then you can only have 3 people in the truck instead of 4 when the dogs in there. So, she was sitting in her seat next to the dogs cage and out of the blue stated: "Barbie's dog cage smells HORRENDOUS!" REALLY?! Both my husband and I were shocked into silence, we asked her to repeat herself and she did, much quieter this time and with a look of fear, but when we smiled at her, she smiled, like she was proud of herself or proud of the fact that WE were proud of her!

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