Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Journey like no other

The journey through life, with an ASD child, is like no other journey, you will ever encounter. It has its ups, its downs, its frustrations, angers, times where you literally just want to scream at the top of your lungs. Their is good and bad in ASD, just as their is anywhere in life. With ASD though, that sometimes just means its amplified a LOT!

My daughter is going through repeated specialists to figure out exactly where she is on the spectrum and why. We have referrals currently to 7 different people. Talk about frustrating! And NONE of them are in our town....all are about an hour or longer drive away.

My daughter has severe anxiety. Does NOT travel well. Get's motion sickness. Get's sick to her stomach due to her anxiety. Has a major fear of doctors from some previous bad experiences. She's got a mile long list of allergies, that effect a lot of aspects of life. She's too underweight, so therefore is still in a 5 point harness car seat (which is an issue for her because of the areas that the harness touch & her VERY severe sensory issues). I could keep going on, but I am sure you get the point.

A is 5. She's had a SHORT life with a LOT of problems! A lot of struggles for someone SO young! ASD is just one of a multitude of things!

Some days are great, some days are horrible. Some days are filled with smiles and "new" things! Some days are filled with tears (from both child and parents) & screaming! Some days are filled with cuddles and some days your pushed away because she can't stand to be touched. Some days she will eat and some days you fight to get ONE SINGLE BITE IN!

But, putting all that aside, one thing is for sure every day: the journey through that day will be NOTHING like anything you have experienced'll be so completely different then the day before or even the next day!

The journey with ASD is a journey like NO OTHER! Join us as we continue you our journey and make the changes we NEED, to make a better life for A! Welcome aboard the ASD train in our house!

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