Friday, March 8, 2013

Honouring Autism

I have been given the amazing honour, of not only convincing my daughters school (with her help of course!), to raise awareness for Autism during the month of April, wear blue shirts the day of April 3rd (I know April 2nd is World Autism Day, but that's the day that we come back from an Easter long weekend, so as a whole, parent council agreed to do it the day after, so that everyone can be given a reminder!), BUT I was honourably asked to give a speech on Autism to the whole school! And my daughter has been asked to make announcements in the week leading up to April about Autism and facts and anything she feels that people should know!

I feel so honoured that they asked me! I truly do! It's such a priviledge, to be able to do a short but hopefully informative presentation on Autism for the whole school & I am honestly hoping that many parents will come out to the assembly! The sad reality of it is, that in a school of LESS THEN 170 kids, 10 have diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder. And my daughter is going through the diagnoses process again....this time with a doctor who realizes shes not "fine"! So, 11 kids out of less then 170! That's a large number!

My daughter is going to write some announcements to make, with a few simple little facts and some words she would like to say! My daughter will also be coming up in front of the school, while I do my presentation! She will be honouring Autism in a custom made autism outfit, that I will be making for her! I can't wait :)

I feel so honoured and so humbled to be able to do this. To not only have convinced the school to do it, but to be asked to take such a huge part! We're making history with our little school and for that I am so very grateful.

When I have done my presentation and speech, I will share it with all of you on the blog! I can't wait!

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