Monday, August 27, 2012

Homework corner

Today's the day!! We have 9 more sleeps till school! Hubby is off today, so we are setting up a new homework area. My daughter has a GORGEOUS desk that matches ALL her gorgeous bedroom furniture. My daughter has a child's dream bedroom---gorgeous matching bedroom set in lavender and white, a huge mirror with a sitting area attached to her dresser (so totally princess worthy), she's got this gorgeous child sized little comfy chair and a book sling in her reading corner, she's got toys out the wazoo! (Can you tell shes the only child, niece, grandchild, great grandchild and the only female grandchild on my MIL's side). She's got a dresser and closet full of the clothes she needs (now that I did her back to school shopping lol). Her furniture includes a gorgeous bed, a night stand, a princess worthy dresser with mirror and sitting area & a gorgeous desk with a hutch for storage and decoration. However, I am a strong believer that homework should NEVER be done in the bedroom. Plain and simple. Whether you do it at the kitchen table, in an office, in a corner with all your supplies and a little table, at the library, wherever.

So todays the day that we take the desk out of princesses bedroom and put it in our bedroom! Last year in Junior Kindergarten, she had some homework but not much---flash cards, reading book with assignment once a week--that did start till January for the JK kids, but the SK's start it in September. Plus the SK kids get a lot more homework. That's why, we decided that this year would be the year to start the homework area. A calm, quite room, where she can do her work, keep her iPad 2 charged, be able to focus and have no distractions from toys or a tv or anything. All my props are pretty much kept in the closet in bins and basics for the photography business. My desk is in one corner, and hers will be on the opposite wall. It'll fit in nice because the office is the room that was suppose to be the nursery so its a calm, gorgeous pale purple colour with some purple flowers on one wall.

I bet you guys are dying to see what the before and after pictures look like! Well although the after picture is not the completely finished product, here is the middle point (i forgot to take a before picture...and its a good thing, because her room as you will see is a DISASTER!!) and the so far after! At the end of the week we hope to have her iPad in her school area, as well as everything else set up neatly and better organized. All in all this took about 15 minutes of our time....that included the time to clear off the desk before taking it out of her room and into my office and safely packaging up the collectors items that we have of hers.

 This is what her room looked like after we moved the desk....sadly we CLEANED a fair bit in there before moving the desk and it was STILL a disaster zone!
 The midpoint! The desk is in the office!!! Yay!
YAY!!!! It's not fully done yet but its getting there! This is her GORGEOUS desk, a dream desk for any little princess in my opinion! With her organization bins (that I will be labeling this week), still missing are labels, books, binder, iPad 2 & I need to find a wooden chair I can refinish to match the desk! But this is the starting point and I hope to have it completely done or close to it minus the matching chair by back to school time in a week! 

The whole process was quick and easy! Even the cleaning part! We got it done in a matter of 15 minutes! I even did some rearranging after taking that LAST picture! 

When I have it completely finished I will post a new picture of the totally finished product!

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